Feedback from Parents experiencing our parents workshops and counselling

” Ill be forever in your debt. Your support Angie, your understanding, validation and knowledge got me out of the biggest hole Ive ever been in! You truly are an angel and are so fantastic at what you do! Thank you Angie” Katie

” Angie quite literally saved us. We were broken and we were struggling. Angie has helped give us the knowledge and tools we needed to help us restore calm in our house and she has helped our daughter to be a happy tween again. She gave me a safe place to express our emotions surrounding type 1 and what that means for us as parents. ” Erin

“Originally, I thought there were parents out there who needed these sessions more than I did however, managing my T1 daughter in a split home environment has its own challenges. John was able to provide me with techniques to assist and ways to move forward. I would highly recommend these sessions to other parents.” Jodie

“This counselling program is a life saver. To be able to talk with a therapist that understands the specifics of Type 1 Diabetes is amazing. Being a T1D mum is relentless and the stress and strain is constant – to have this outlet to talk about me is crucial.” Harriet

” I would like to thank you Angie, for the grandparents information night. I personally found it very informative, even though you may know what to do at times, It is nice to have someone else confirm your anxieties . I wrote down some notes just to help me along this journey, and to help my beautiful family with type 1.  Thank you ” Pauline

“This is just a message to say thank you for the counselling sessions that you have provided via Diabetes Australia. I have found it to be very helpful and John was excellent ” Sharon

 “Absolutely brilliant event for children to connect and have fun while learning about how to manage emotions etc AND also for parents to connect and exchange stories as well as ideas and strategies to manage diabetes more effectively for the whole family. Loved it!” Sarah

“For my daughter I have been looking for an age appropriate opportunity for her to share her feelings around diagnosis with other kids. There was nothing out there for the 7 year old age range that is creative, playful and allows her to express her feelings at an age appropriate level. Today was exactly what she needed. And for me I got to connect with parents who get it. That was priceless!” Megan

” I feel fortunate to have some emotional literacy and tools but participating in the Breathe program and reading comments online, I am aware that not everyone has this knowledge and has had the opportunity for this support. To me, it’s as essential as the insulin therapy education. I also participated in the three free sessions and found it useful to share the diagnosis story and have it contextualised/normalised” Anna