About Reflective Haven

Angie is the founder of Reflective Haven, she wanted to create a space that would help parents of children with type 1 diabetes, to share their fears with someone, to have a warm atmosphere to share their diagnosis story. To support parents to reflect and understand their parenting triggers, so they can live a life with less anxiety. To teach and connect awareness to mind and body so they can gain more control of their thoughts, feelings and be a conscious, mindful parent. To talk with someone that understands Type 1 diabetes and the complexity this can bring to life. This service offers all sessions via zoom and phone so you can have sessions in the comfort of your own home anywhere in Australia.



Therapy Groups

Reflective Haven offers group counselling:

    Group therapy is a great way for your child to meet other children with type 1 diabetes. We use Art Therapy and creative exercises in the group so they have fun as well as learn about psychological skills for their big emotions that can come with Type 1 Diabetes management.

The early years are important to build a foundation of good mental health. At times life circumstances can cause anxiety, sadness, and anger outbursts for children. These can get concerning depending on the frequency and the impact on their life. Parent counselling early into a problem can be easier to shift so don’t wait. We can teach your child strategies to deal with these big emotions to help guide them and help them make sense of a stressful event.


Reflective Haven can provide you with a space that is about you and a path to guide you in decreasing anxiety, depression or seeking parenting strategies for a more harmonious home. Its normal to not feel yourself at times, especially during the current extraordinary times we face.


Type 1


“I strongly feel that all families that have had a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in their family should have access to this counselling program”.

“It has opened us up to communicating with others about T1 and it is honestly the best thing we have ever done not only for our daughter (T1) but for ourselves as parents and a family”.

“Excellent counselling provided around diabetes support and life”.

“I found it was a huge benefit to me. I was surprised how much it helped”.

“The sessions were extremely helpful for me as a mother and carer of my Type 1 son”.