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Child Counsellors Favourite Resources
"What i use for my children" (Angie)

At Reflective Haven we believe in homemade Australian toys. These are one of my favourite, local child imagination creators. 

Discover the perfect companions to adorn your child’s room for whimsical magic tricks, captivating puppet shows, and storytelling adventures. Bushling’s delightful handmade products offer vibrant playfulness, inspire imagination, and ignite the spark of conservation. Crafted from merino wool and fallen gum tree branches, these creations bring a playful touch of nature into your world.

Instagram: bushling_

Beautiful books for psychological growth for parents and children

A book that teaches to increase your childs emotional language. Research shows if a child knows the word for the feeling than half of the emotinal regulation is complete. If you teach them the words their brain has a chance to make sense of their world. I read two emotions most nights and we both give each other examples of when we have felt this emotion.
This clever book teaches children about anxiety by explaining to them how their brain works. It takes them on a adventure to understand their, amygdala! They learn that their amygdala tries to protect them and we can talk to it, hey amygdala thanks for the warning but i got this! My children have even created their own amygdala from clay.
When I first read this book to my children I was in awe. It tells a story about a bug who is grieving. It teaches them the stages of grief. It gives them hope and its a wonderful dialogue to share with children to make sense of their own narratives about things that have a happened in their life that is out of their control.
This book will explain to parents why trying to motivate our children with threats and rewards doesnt work. This book will give you a new insight to how to motivate your children. Many parents get exhausted and desperate to get their child to listen, the answers are here in this book. It will give you great resources in your parenting with type 1 diabetes motivation.
Want to understand how your childs brain develops. This book gives practical tips on how to regulate your childs big emotions by understanding how their brain works. Absolutely brilliant!