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Type 1 Art Tribe

These groups meet online and face to face throughout the year. Appropriate for ages 8-12 yrs old.

For the next session information, please see Instagram @reflectivehaven or email your interest to be put on the list.

Group sessions are perfect for kids who have some issues with diabetes they need to unpack but not troubling enough that they need individual therapy. Great fun way to meet other children with type 1 diabetes-  meeting someone like themselves is a powerful experience for their acceptance and identity.

What happens in the groups?

The group sessions consist of fun and psychological learning. We always have a theme such as,

- How to deal with diabetes and school?
- Feelings about hypos at school
- How to tell friends about your diabetes when your feeling nervous?
- How to do a set change when feeling anxious?
- Talk about grief regarding the diagnosis
- How do I express my anger in a healthy way?

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The groups always use art to help make the learning fun and expressive!

Art and storytelling suit the child's developmental capacities. Art minimises anxiety and enhances feelings of mastery, competence, and hope. Art allows control over the image. I create a playful friendly environment for children to explore their big feelings. I help them to make sense of their story to relieve anxiety. Giving children permission to feel, express and be heard. If you feel you need more- You can use the online parent counselling or coaching support to help your child with anxiety or depression through parenting strategies.